Some inspiration:
It's very important for an artist to know WHY he or she bothers to make art in the first place. The reason I paint is to make the world a better place. I believe things improve when people turn to God. So, I make beautiful art that inspires and uplifts thought (away from matter into Spirit).
To me, making art is not so much a process of creating, as a revelation of what God, the true Creator, has already made. This is great because all the glory comes from and goes to God, so there is no pressure of personal performance, and instead just the realization of supply as spiritual reflection.
I am inspired by Mrs. Eddy's statement: "To mortal sense Science seems at first obscure, abstract, and dark; but a bright promise crowns its brow. When understood, it is Truth's prism and praise." (SH 558:10–13)
I love the idea of taking a familiar idea and fracturing it (cubist style) to show new dimensions of the idea, like refracting light in a prism or facets of a gemstone. This stained glass effect is not only beautiful and dynamic, but shows that there is so much more than just the literal or physical appearance. To me, it shows that there's actually more going on - a spiritual universe... and may even gently lead one's thought to see that the spiritual creation is the only creation. 
When I paint, I strive to paint with qualities. Let me explain... Think about color in terms of the seven synonyms for God. (ROYGBIV.) The seven colors of the rainbow line up beautifully with the synonyms for God. So when the light of understanding shines through the prism of understanding (Truth), we see God more clearly and we can relate more closely to Him (breaks down mortal mind's self-imposed delusions that would try to hide His beauty and relevance from us).
For example:
Red - Mind: The Almighty's confident understanding of Herself (Truth) and the expression of divine intelligence, which demonstrates total dominion; all-power.
Orange - Spirit: Vibrant, immortal, spiritual substance as the only actual existence. All joy, confidence, and zeal harmoniously, intelligently governed.
Yellow - Soul: Beauty, identity, individuality. The individualized expression of Mind. "The sun is a metaphorical representation of Soul outside the body, giving existence and intelligence to the universe." (SH 510:16–18)
Green - Life: The tree of life and the green of the grass and the "herb yielding seed" on the third day of Genesis is when life appears. Rebirth, renewal, vibrance, and spiritual growth. The vitality of abundant / infinite good, health, and supply.
Blue - Truth: The absolute fact of reality seen in Scripture as the water of the Word. Christ, Truth's message to mankind of his inseparable relationship from God as Father and son (expressed and reflected). The unlimited depth and power of the Christ; vast as the ocean.
Indigo - Love: Impersonal, incorporeal, universal, infinite divine Love always meeting every human need. To me, this is how Truth governs (expresses Principle) = through Love. "Jesus' teaching and practice of Truth involved such a sacrifice as makes us admit its Principle to be Love." (SH 26:21–23). Love as infinite as the night sky
Violet - Principle: God's infallible, intelligent government and law, demonstrated as universal and complete. The permanent rule of divine law. The reign of harmony demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven as the foundation of divine Science.
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